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Jun 9, 2018. Dance of the Lunatics (1912), When Yankee Doodle Marches Thro'. E. Bowman, Great Tenor Solos Vol. 3. Arrival of the Mocking Bird (1904), Arrah Wanna (1906). The College Inn Rag (1915), Goin' Some (1910). Arrah Go on I'm Gonna Go Back to Oregon (1916), The Invincible Eagle (1901).

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A wide array of instruments (guitar, pitcher, cajon, darbuka, tapan, spoons, mouth. (5:01) — I'm All Smiles (7:28) — There's a Small Hotel (6:42) — Satellite (4:19). Goodbye Pork Pie Hat — Band Intros > School Days — I Wanna Play For You. 1911, 1 sound disc, Popular, CD, http://www.tfront.com/p-422229-shattered.